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Do not pay here!- headshots I will range the price from complication and alot more stuff all I can do for it. Don't be rude or I won't do it it can be sketch lineart or colour no shading and note me if your interested in a headshot

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My plushie box of my drawings

I may draw some people a shit load of work so be greatful it takes me time to draw!


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all the lovely art i fav


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We found you
W̶e̶ ̶f̶o̶u̶n̶d̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶n̶o̶w̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶w̶i̶l̶l̶ ̶j̶o̶i̶n̶ ̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶h̶a̶p̶p̶y̶ ̶l̶i̶v̶e̶s̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶m̶a̶d̶n̶e̶s̶s̶,̶ ̶b̶o̶y̶

I got bored and I'mma finish it and maybe upload it but I got bored and unknowingly​ drew a cat with wide eyes and just kept sketching em idk

Random art is done by me
sitting outside with friends
Demolition-Lovers93's specimen 36 with a cyborg kitty cat :3 i used one design i need to show at some point but i found the coat design in my stash and decided to use it :3 but anyway i had fun colouring this and using these beautiful designs :0 anyway see you all later when i feel like doing art

art and specimen 36 done/belongs to Demolition-Lovers93
colouring and hope/hopes wish, done/belongs to me :3
This is why I don't draw during music class
Icey-Kreyo813 music class is a bitch but it's done :3 and I only half coloured it and went "fuck it its good enough"

Art by me
Character belongs to Icey-Kreyo813
Such sassy
My friend and I had a draw off she created this past piece of art anyway art belongs to my friend Julia and character belongs to Icey-Kreyo813 :3 bye my friends
oh look its art!
and a watermark for me :0 yay but anyway sorry i have been out i have been reading and thinking of story ideas :3 enjoy my art and 'wonderful' patterns XD

art/ catinateaup aka me
character/ my father gave me the idea :3
Today is gonna be a shit day
Every day I see a rainbow (this was yesterday) the next day is gonna be shit c: fuck
But officer I was just drawing
Well :0 art practice turned into this mess of patterns tried realistic drawings and failed in their patterns save me anyway
Teelia still waiting to get your book but here have a video and a random dog I drew the ears I won :3 muzzles I'm not sure :3
*Whispers in ear * I'm coming for you next
Also I have gained a very painful blind pimple, constant shaking, a small limp and shall I continue?

video/cat/(C) Teelia
Art and random dog (C) me!
It takes two ( WIP )
"it takes two to lie, one to lie and one to listen"

God I loved this quote :3 it fits these two adoptive siblings so well Damian always lies and bird just listens to his lies but she knows it's never true but I just love the medic collar I made :3 better pic of it but God I love it :3

Art and characters (C) mine
Who could have killed him?!
/ "who could have killed our father?! Don't tell one of those killers are responsible for this!" Amber shouted at her brother he didn't care jay was focused on where they were "he could have killed himself" Jay said his voice calm Amber's tears turned to a face of disbelief.
"How?!" Amber cried again her fur ruffled by the wind her belly swollen almost like it was gonna pop like a balloon "this is snake rocks! There are adders here! What stupid fool would run into here?!" Jay snapped facing amber her violet eyes caught his blind gaze "you...You would run into here!" Amber yowled before running off.
"Thanks Jane you may leave you have already helped me take care of him... My stupid mate" the last words came out with spit, as bird watched from a rock it seemed like he died from blunt force trauma from the way blood poured into the rock he hit his head in trying to escape the adder that had latched in his shoulder for standing on it's head "she helped me alot that girl don't understand why she hates Jeff though" bird mumbled to herself only her and her son we're in the snake territory
"Are you happy now? Dearest mother are you happy he's dead?! You killed the only reminder of your love! You lost your love when you had us! It's proof to abandoned us at that family!" Jay hissed turning to face his mother who was sitting in the rocks a few scars around her neck from the childhood hell she suffered, "your blinder then you think you are my dearest boy I never stopped loving my children I was protecting your lives your brother died in that storm I didn't want to lose you two either she was baron so I gave her a chance to be a mother, I taught you every thing about herbs and much more but if you think im cold hearted, why didn't I kill you in that snow storm if I didn't want you?!" Bird hissed leaping down from the stone pinning her son draw claws digging into his shoulders " I would have killed you and your sister if I didn't love you, you look just like my brother I was honored before I found out he killed children for fun! I'm nothing like my brother I just gave him a second chance with you so never said I was heartless to you an amber" bird spat at him before letting him go and padded away to calm her nerves on some defenseless wander in slender woods before Jay let running away from the scene realizing the mistake he made with his mother /

edit: was scared i lost the file spent so long on the pattern for jay and the trees save me pls atleast i finished it
Jay was being a dick but mother bird won! Anyway I had fun making this :3 yes birds bro was a Russian blue like damian :3 but jay got put in his rightful place :3 blind=grumpy. Mom's a killer= one bad time

Bird: 1
Jay: 0

Art and characters (C) :iconcatinateaup:
WIP rub against the wall
Teelia I like radio I want her right now but all seriousness she is adorable XD anyway tomorrow heading out to watch the Lego Batman movie :3

*Sneaks up behind you and whispers in your ear * improvement
Character (C) :iconteelia:
Art (C) : iconcatinateaup:
Im Called Mother
''You will grow all you need to grow inside my spine
And then take what you need to take, what's yours is mine
And then just give all you want of it to some new thing
I'll stay here, the provider of that constant sting they call love
They call love

You will drain all you need to drain out of me
All the colors have washed away, no more rosy sheen
Not just a pale isolated shallow water place
Oh what a place I call myself
I call myself

Oh love all you need to love before it goes
When your face becomes a stranger's I don't know
You'll never remember who I was to you
Carried in the womb
I'm called mother
I'm called mother
They're called home
They're called home
They're called
They're called

Give all you need to give
And sometimes they won't take what they need to take
The strangest chemical reaction
Inside of her brain, no she's not the same
No she's not the same
No she's not the same ''
mothers by daughter

i just fell in love with this song! and it fits birds real mother so well :D she never knew her mum cause she died bring her away from the rabid pack and her blood thirsty father like she said ''you'll never remember who i was to you'' as bird has small memory's of her mother fighting to protect her life from an attacker ( kill rake with fire ) anyway ancestor words all those who die good are able to watch friends or family from their ghost forms and she chose to stay with her daughter her other kids happily in heaven except one lucky bastard Lily flower who is the same age as bird because she was separated from bird until they found each other later in life :3 anyway foxes claws is my fav mother and their father, moons end, is a bastard expecting bird and Lily flower to run into his arms like little pups they no happy with daddy anyway when bird finds out her true mother ( this scene is when she gives away her kids but no snow on rocks cause life :D ) she bounds into her arms cause who doesn't love a mothers undying love?

art and characters (C) :iconcatinateaup:
Dont Bother Me
for this contest! CONTEST(150+ Watchers!)  god i loved the dark forest and starclan scene! you know how the dark forest corrupts cats so i went for this style :D i hate starclan for some reason dark forest for life! anyway little shadewing is no happy in this au :3 i tried at sleeping cats

Only death could tear us apart  loved this scene :3

art (C) :iconcatinateaup:

characters (C) shadewing *dark forest cat*: :iconshadewingwarriors:  ... shadowstar *starclan cat :D*: :iconneeedlepaw:
a blue jay and a fiery amber
Hey look is birds surviving asshole kids! Jay the blue one and amber the orange tabby one :3 I love the back ground as I hate myself anyway bye :3
Family friendly
/ "hey bird! Where's your lovely collar?!'' the brown she-cat mewed happy to see her trainer alive and well and the ash cat '' oh hello deep lake! That spine of yours ok?" The she-cat said her brown pelt mixing with the clouds somehow.
"Don't be rude leaf! Bird is tired! Why do you think she came to the sun fields? It's not like she can stay in that real snow fields freezing her pelt over" deep lake sighed her tail flicking " and yes I'm not dead it's only just sore we all dream of that damn hell even birds brother hates living there even if he's leader" deep lake sighed her fur ruffling in the wind.
" Shut up both of you! Cant your see I'm trying to sleep?!" Bird hissed raising her head up at the two startled cats "we all come here for a well needed sleep and if I don't sleep that slender basturd will come back to attack me! He brought company that time how did you think I got this new eye scar?" The dark cat hissed in a low grumpy tone not wanting to be awaken. " Sorry bird i didn't mean to I thought you were awake with deep lake" leaf said her head low " may the ancestors save me from you two" bird yawned tired from trying to fend her cave from a small invasion
" Geez bird you could atleast ask us for help we are descendants from the ancestors tribe like you said we got our names from that magic water" deep lake mumbled before leaf stuck her tounge out deep lake coping her before the duo laid down on bird with deep lake cuddling into her tail with leaf laying on her back fast asleep
" Finally their asleep" bird grumbled before she sighed laying her head down " Ben, Jeff, Jane and Toby that's what he called them guess I need to remember that hoodie basturd too" she yawned in a grumpy tone before finally sleeping /

And my lovely collars gone :3 I hated the colours of it anyway Hehehehehe also I adopted leaf and fell in love with her design this is before deep lake falls off the edge of a small cliff and has her spine crushed by rocks leaving her back legs useless once she reaches Damon :3 spoilers are fun :3 anyway I fell like bird so anyway since bird is a senior trainer in the hell area I made she gets an apprentice :3 leaf is so cute! She always is jolly so happy
paw practice
practice for paws and claws :D yay i died

art and characters paw :I (C) :iconcatinateaup:
A house cat Doesnt Make The Rules here! i do!
/ bird weary from all the running after 'killing' max after he left her with a few scars, she came across a small group of loners as they all also trained under dusk ( he in a darkforest like place :D ) ''two new cats and three rookies, what a good choice" blossom said following bird over to the group her eyes still purple but also black a small blue collar on her neck an a bell. as bird reached the group the cats gave her a quick bow as she was dusk's 'daughter' ( adopted after dad abuse :3 ) except one bowed a new cat
" who the hell are you?! your a house cat!'' he spat a hiss coming out from his throat a few new scars on the tom from training with the other rookies. "don't know how to treat your superior?'' bird said her voice colder then ice '' a house cat doesn't make the rules here! i do!'' the tom spat the other cats telling 'bramble' to stop before blossom left birds body hate boiling inside her begging to be set free. "alright I'll show you who rules here!" bird spat grabbing bramble by the neck and throwing him off the cliff into the rocks below before a crunching sound rang though their ears the other rookies looking at brambles mangled body from atop the 10 meter cliff, "my my the kitty can kill when she wants" blossom said a smirk coming across her face ''shut up" bird said before dashing into the woods snow falling an pains in her stomach /

i just love bird :D and during the kits birth it was a snowstorm which is how one of her kits died and the reason why she gave them up and spoiler how she almost drowned saving someone that fell in a frozen lake..... the land killed me i tried it five times ;-; it wouldn't blend well unlike the clouds which i tried two times anyway bye! and happy Easter!

art and characters (C) :iconcatinateaup:
When the bird falls
''what's wrong kit?'' the cat said her pelt darker then her heart already with a hole in it ''max said once i give birth he'll kill any daughters!'' bird yelled making sure no one could hear her cry's, not even her own shadow.
"my that's dangerous" the shadow like creature replied almost in pity. "you show pity?" bird said turning her head to the cat before laughter rang in her ears
'' your stupider then your mother!! like hell I'll show pity to you! your souls to kind to kill so i have to take over your body to do it!" she laughed until she stopped abruptly tears starting to fall in birds face. blossom lowered her head remembering she was a mother once, a terrible mother " listen i also was a mother but i left them with my family as being a killer on the run you don't  have time for kids, but i will help you fix your problem with him'' blossom said hiding her true plans.
'' you can kill him if you wish, he's already dead to me'' bird said her voice harsh against her former mate a wide uneven grin forming on blossom's face at her words. 

yay a new character :D i really wanted to name her roadkill then hawkfrost as she was hit by a car then stabbed in the heart by a wooden pillar before dying..... yes! she was once human until she died i like her :D anyway blossom was going to be called branch until i kept blossom as her name :D bird after finding out her mate's plan's blossom her 'friend' a shadow walker like bird doesn't have the guts to kill but blossom does so heres another example say you don't have the guts to do other stuff the shadow walker does have the guts and takes over your body to do it so yea :D blossom is also birds half aunt

art and characters (C) :iconcatinateaup: aka me!
I have seen better days
My friend Julia ( staying at her house for two days ) asked me to draw a swan XD then I came up with this thing that looks high off it's nuts XD do I put my words I have seen better days XD now imma murder my friend while she sleeps also taking small requests for a bit as I can't sleep XD
a walk in the woods
Teelia you still a bad person i spent and hour on video XD pictures was easy cause i didn't have to do his pattern XD i hope you like it anyway :D i just went hey how about i finish this today? mistake anyway hope you enjoyed it :D

edit: not fixing any mistakes I'm tired goodbye

characters (C) :iconteelia:
art (C) :iconcatinateaup:



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language I'm learning: Spanish
language i wanna learn: German

my banana king

my loyal banana friends.

touch these bananas and you die :>

70% of the world think that Warrior Cats are pointless, 25% just don't care. Re-post this if you are part of that 5% that would smack those other people with a hard cover warrior cats book screaming-"StarClan seeks revenge!!!"

I'll remember Brightheart
When I see a scar one someone's face
I will think of WindClan...Every time I win a race.
I'll remember Goosefeather...When nobody believes me
I'll remember Scourge...When someone's teased for being tiny
I'll remember Heathertail...When someone wants to be 'just friends'
I will think of StarClan...When I am near the end
I'll remember Leafpool...When I must follow my heart
I'll remember Hollyleaf...If I ever fall apart
I'll remember Brambleclaw...When I must prove myself.
I'll remember Spottedleaf...When I'm suffering from bad health
I'll remember Lionblaze...When I am feeling strong
I'll remember Tigerstar...If I choose the path that's wrong
I'll remember Dovewing...When I hear of something far away
I'll remember Cloudtail...When a kitten catches their first prey
I'll remember Feathertail...Whenever I must be brave
I'll remember The Tribe...When I'm in a cave
I'll remember Ashfur...When somebody breaks my heart
I'll remember Barley...When me and my siblings are far apart
I'll remember Ivypool...When I try to be the best
I'll remember Firestar...When my loyalty's put to the test
I'll remember the many battles...When I see conflict or strife
I promise to remember all of these cats...
For the rest of my life
Making some drawings anyone want a pen drawing? It can be an oc or anything else I don't draw humans so I will only do sketches of it cause i'll be busy doing another drawing anyway if you want me to draw anything for you I'll do something just tell me your oc and that's all anyway bye for now


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